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Born the day of my "hanai", I hope to bring Harmony, Love, Respect, Understanding and Humility in the tradition of the Hawaiian Way. Amen 
                  Malulani  Konanui
​Photo by Elyse Butler
Pola Hanau - Authentic Hawaiian Birth Bowls by Malu Konanui
October 1, 1997 was the rebirth of the first authentic Hawaiian Pola Hanau (Birth Bowl) since the late 1800's, created from Hawaiian woods harvested from the birthplace of this Hawaiian tradition in the State of Hawaii, Island of Hawaii, District of Puna.

Upon completion, on the day of the child's birth, each Pola Hanau is blessed with Lokahi, a Hawaiian tradition of Harmony, Love, Respect, Understanding and Humility. It is then recorded, photographed, laser engraved with a registered trademark and entered into a personalized photo album, to ensure it's authenticity.

As of April 1st, 2020, there are 399 authentic Pola Hanau made of Hawaiian wood in existence in the world. These bowls are found from Mexico to Australia, Massachusetts to Washington State, Texas to California and to the state of Hawaii.

You are welcome to become part of this Hawaiian family tradition with its historical significance, protocol and confirmation of authenticity.
Contact Malu Konanui / Spiritual Creator of the original and only authentic Pola Hanau, at (808) 966-8108  polahanau@gmail.com.