Pola Hanau (Birth Bowl)
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Heartfelt Acknowledgment
Words cannot express the appreciation of some very special people who inspired me to create this new Hawaiian tradition for which I will be forever grateful.

To: Osamu Tagawa, a true friend, who taught me everything I know about woodturning, which was the first step of this Pola Hanau tradition. Mahalo nui loa.

To: Puakukui Kanakanui, a man who always made time for me and used his special talent to apply the traditional Hawaiian patches (pewa) to my Pola Hanau when needed. Mahalo.

To: My wife Uriel, named after an angel in the Old Testament, born with the patience of a saint, giving me the freedom to create each Pola Hanau. But most of all, for her help in the preparation and formation of all the photo albums that are very special to me. Me ke aloha pumehana.

To: My children, my daughter Pualani who always expressed the positive of each Pola Hanau completed. My son Palani for always being there when I needed a strong back to harvest wood. Aloha No.

To: My mo`opuna (grandchildren) Kawika, Pualani, Malulani, Koa and Kalokelani for their presence that makes all the hard work and sacrifices worthwhile. But most importantly, they fill my heart with joy and laughter as each personality never ceases to amaze, even to a man who has lived a long life. My aloha.

To: All the keiki (children) of the Pola Hanau, I hope harmony, love, respect  and understanding will follow you throughout your life and teach you the values of being positive and humble. Me ke aloha pumehana.