Pola Hanau (Birth Bowl)
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Below are the steps necessary to acquire a Pola Hanau Bowl.

 1. Nono`i (A Request
A request of Uncle Malu for a Pola Hanau. (Birth Bowl) - Required  

2. Ho`olokahi (An Understanding
Uncle Malu explains the historical significance of the bowl's creation.

3. Pono (An Agreement
Uncle Malu will verify your understanding of the spiritual and cultural aspect of the bowl.

4. Hana (The Preparation
Uncle Malu will perform the work necessary to prepare your bowl.

5. Ho`omaopopo (The Reminder) ​
Uncle Malu will require your notification of the child's birth to complete the tradition within 24 hours of birth. 

6. Hanau (The Celebration
Your new born miracle arrives and your bowl is born and blessed.​ Uncle Malu presents you with your Pola Hanau.

7. Ki`i Puke (The Photo Album
Uncle Malu asks that you provide a picture of your child that will be entered into the photo album along with the picture of the Pola Hanau. You will receive a copy of the photo album. ​