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Below are the steps necessary to acquire a Pola Hanau Bowl.
    1. Nono'i (A Request) 
  • A request of Uncle Malu for a Pola Hanau. (Birth Bowl)
         Is Required         

    2. Ho'olokahi (An Understanding) 
  • Uncle Malu explains the historical significance of the bowl's creation.

    3. Pono (An Agreement) 
  • Uncle Malu will verify your understanding of the spiritual and cultural aspect of the bowl.

    4. Hana (The Preparation) 
  • Uncle Malu will perform the work necessary to prepare your bowl.

    5. Ho'omaopopo (The Reminder) ​
  • Uncle Malu will require your notification of the child's birth to complete the tradition within 24 hours of birth. 

    6. Hanau (The Celebration) 
  • Your new born miracle arrives and your bowl is born and blessed.​ Uncle Malu presents you with your Pola Hanau.

    7. Ki'i Puke (The Photo Album) 
  • Uncle Malu asks that you provide a picture of your child that will be entered into the photo album along with the picture of the Pola Hanau. You will receive a copy of the photo album. ​